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Play futuristic smart wearables available at an affordable price

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PLAY is an Indian consumer lifestyle technology brand working on a mission to equip youngsters with state-of-the-art, trendy and futuristic smart wearables that are laced with swanky designs and outstanding quality. Today, the brand offers affordable, elegant and super-classy wearables that are more than just random electronic devices.  




If the person is fitness enthusiast, this is the perfect gift. One of the most cost-effective options on this list is PLAYFIT DIAL, a one-of-its-kind smartwatch, integrated with features like a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, and others. The PLAYFIT DIAL is also dust and water-resistant and boasts an IPS display with numerous configurable watch faces. This smart device will help your them to stay healthy and fit with incredibly awesome features.


If your loved once enjoys fitness and a hands-free life, PLAYFIT STRENGTH is the way to go. It’s a waterproof smartwatch with Bluetooth calling, a touchscreen, activity tracking, sports modes, and wireless networking. With a long list of incredible features, this innovative device will help your sibling achieve their fitness goals on time. Just purchase this small device of wonder and encourage them to lead a physically active and mentally healthy lifestyle.



The smartwatch PLAFIT SLIM is "Made in India." 1.28′′ (240 x 240 pixels) IPS LCD screen, IP67 water and dust resistance, different sports modes, heart rate and fitness tracker, sleep and SPO2 monitor, Bluetooth notification, and more are some of its features. This slimline smartwatch has a trendy band in the colours of Black and Blue, as the name would imply. It includes a 180mAh battery with a 7-day battery life and a 15-day standby time guarantee.



4. PLAYFIT XL - INR 3,999

The smartwatch is a large-sized Full-Touch square display watch with a 15-day PLAYTIME that includes numerous features like a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen tracker, calorie counter, and much more.

5. PLAYFIT CHAMP 2 - INR 2,999

The 1.69" Full Touch TFT Display, 24x7 Heart Rate & SpO2 Monitoring, PLAYTIME of up to 5 Days, several training modes, IP68 Dust and Water Resistance, and many other features make the PLAYFIT CHAMP2 smartwatch the ideal blend of premium style, performance, and comfort.


6. PLAYFIT DIAL 2 - INR 4,999

A smartwatch with the capacity to make Bluetooth calls and strong EBEL drivers for music listening. provides uninterrupted use for 5 days. maintains your health and is equipped with many exercise options! Swim without worry with the IP67-rated smartwatch.




1.     PLAYGO BUDSLITE - INR 1,999

The one-of-a-kind deliverable for PLAYGO BUDSLITE is the sheer TWS performance, which is available in the stunning Marsela Red. With their innovative in-ear design and integrated EAR-HOOK, these EarPods' distinctive styling and design make them simpler to use during strenuous exercises like (even) Zumba. Additionally, the device is IPX4 waterproof, shielding it from water splashes, sweat, or precipitation. PLAYGO BUDSLITE has a built-in microphone with Bluetooth 5.1 integration for high-definition sound and crystal-clear speech connection. Additionally, it boasts delicate touch controls that make it simple for the user to change calls, change music tracks, modify volume, etc. Additionally, it incorporates the exclusive Enhanced Bass Extra Loud (EBEL) drivers. This guarantees users a potent audio experience that caters to high treble as well as deep bass. The PLAYGO BUDSLITE can also be used for up to six hours on a single set of buds and up to 24 hours with a charging case. The fact that the smartphone supports Type-C connector-based speed charging is significant. 



2. PLAYGO FLAUNT - INR - 1,999

It is a sleek, high-octane device that is lightweight on purpose to improve comfort and convenience. The device, which has a futuristic form and aesthetic, includes in-ear metal buds with fashionable ear-fin hooks in addition to a magnetic attach for wearing around the neck. Additionally, a potent 10mm EBEL driver is built into the back of it for an improved musical experience. Using the device gives you access to high-quality music for about 14 hours. The device charges quickly, taking just 100 minutes to go from zero to full according to industry best practises. PLAYGO FLAUNT has an IPX4 rating, making it resistant to perspiration, water, and dirt. It follows you everywhere, so you may enjoy the monsoon drizzle or work up a sweat when dancing or working out. In conclusion, it excels in the category and is deserving of being shown together with your gadget of choice.


3. PLAYGO N37 - INR 2,999

The PLAYGO N37 is a smartly built Bluetooth earphone that refers to luxury design elements specifically for the needs of today's millennials and Gen Z population. It comes in classy Black, Yellow, Teal, and Red colour versions. Wearing these earphones naturally raises the user's fashion quotient thanks to the ultra-flexible neckband. A fully charged PLAYGO N37 can provide up to 10 hours of playtime. But even with a little, 10-minute charge, the gadget can provide three hours of PLAYtime. The PLAYGO N37 is a treat for users of electronic gadgets because it comes with a mic that is strategically placed for clear voice communication and is compatible with voice assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa.



One of the best pocket-friendly ear pods on this list, this ingenious invention helps the wearer to work without worrying about distracting background noises. The sound output of these dualpods is incredibly amplified because of Dual-Driver TWS. It is also integrated with Enhanced Bass Extra Loud (EBEL) High-sensitivity Driver Design For Enhanced Sound Performance. PLAYGO DUALPODS are designed with precision for all-day comfortable wear that easily fits in the wearer's ears. Plus, one can control the volume with just a slight touch. Isn't it the perfect gadget for your fav person? 





1. PLAYGO BH47 - INR 6,999

The PLAYGO BH47 is powered by a Qualcomm chipset and also features active noise cancellation for complete isolation. The BH47 comes with a speaker size of 40mm and comfortable ear cups which enable the users to wear them for longer durations. Striving to provide a refreshing audio experience, the BH47 has a battery life of 30 hours while needing 3 hours to charge completely. Connectivity-wise the BH47 supports Bluetooth v5.0 and consists of an AUX cable for wired outputs as well. BH47 also offers multi-point connection which allows users to pair up to two devices simultaneously.



2. PLAYGO BH22 - INR 2,999

Available in vibrant Champagne and Lush Lava colours, the PLAYGO BH22 is also powered by advanced processors so that users can experience trouble-free and crystal-clear communication. It also comes with power-packed performance and offers up to 35 hours of PLAY-time while only needing four hours to charge fully. The device is also equipped with dual equalizers and can operate up to a distance of 10 meters. The PLAYGO BH22 packs a powerful punch with multi-point connection enabling consumers to pair up to two devices simultaneously along with dual connectivity that supports both Bluetooth 5.0 and AUX cable. It also comes with a dynamic speaker size of 40mm, making for an exceptional audio experience. Sporting a fashionable, premium, foldable design and new-age voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa that allow users to change track or accept & reject calls, PLAYGO BH22 is the latest essential young professionals require for better digital communication and entertainment needs.



3. PLAYGO BH70 - INR 24,999

PLAYGO BH70 is an AI-Based Wireless headphone perfectly suitable for your father. In particular, if your father enjoys working from home, these headphones can easily accompany him. This remarkable device is a secure and comfortable fit with a battery life of approx 24 hours, sweatproof, IPX4 water-resistant and touch control that makes the audio-listening experience incredibly smooth and soft.





1. PLAYGO MUZE - INR 3,999

A robust 20W, premium, wireless Karaoke speaker is PLAYGO MUZE. The device's 20W, exclusive EBEL (Enhanced Bass, Extra Loud) sound signature makes it pleasantly loud while also being incredibly fashionable & portable. The PLAYGO MUZE is an exciting option for partygoers who want an exhilarating party-music experience. It has a built-in 2400 mAh rechargeable battery that delivers a PLAYtime of an astounding seven hours on a single charge. The device has a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, a smart LED display, and can also be utilised in True Wireless Stereo (TWS) mode, allowing users to maximise their party night by using two (2) PLAYGO MUZE simultaneously.