Post Budget Reactions from Konica Minolta, Park+, AgriTech and Centers of Excellence on AI - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Post Budget Reactions from Konica Minolta, Park+, AgriTech and Centers of Excellence on AI

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Here we are publishing post budget 2023 reactions from the Sr.Officials from Companies like Konica Minolta, Park+, AgriTech and Centers of Excellence on AI.

Kuldeep Malhotra, Dy. Managing Director, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd 


 “We are delighted to have a Union Budget that focuses on introducing new technologies on a wide scale. Since our youth is the backbone of our economy, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman talked about training millions of youth within a period of the next three years under the government's Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 4.0. The scheme will also cover new-age courses for Industry 4.0, like coding, AI, robotics, mechatronics, IOT, 3D printing, drones, and soft skills. These are the technologies that will assist businesses across multiple fields to function smoothly. Additionally, the decision to set up 30 Skill India International Centres will open the doors of international markets to Indian youth.


Furthermore, with Budget 2023, the government is taking its sustainability initiatives to new heights. Programs that promote green fuel, green energy, green farming, green mobility, green buildings, and green equipment, are the need of the hour. These green growth efforts help cut down the carbon intensity of the economy and provide large-scale green job opportunities.”

Amit Lakhotia, Founder & CEO, Park+ 


"Clean & green technologies like EV's will continue to dominate conversations in the foreseeable future. The budget's focus in expediting investments in green technology is a positive step in the right direction. As the largest EV charger installer in the country, we are confident of building and nurturing India's EV charging network. Additionally, the revised vehicle scrappage policy will ensure that the Indian roads no longer support old & polluting vehicles. Furthermore this step will translate into growing order books for auto companies and trigger job creation. We look forward to working in tandem with the government to make the Indian auto-tech vertical clean and green, as soon as possible."





Below is the budget reaction quote on the Logistics sector by Mr. Gautam Kumar, COO & Co-founder, FarEye-


“We were hoping for budget announcements that focus on the improvement of logistics infrastructure across the country and are happy to see the government's continued push to build a more robust logistics ecosystem in the country.


The move to invest Rs. 75000 crores with focus on prioritising 100 transport infrastructure projects that will develop last and first-mile connectivity for ports, coal, steel, and other sectors is a welcome step. Improving last and first-mile connectivity will have a direct impact on bringing down the logistics costs for industries and ultimately will help them become more competitive in the international market.


Also notable is the government’s effort for promoting coastal shipping as an energy-efficient and low-cost mode of freight transport. If India is to bring down its logistics cost from 16% of the GDP to 9%, it must continue to strengthen its logistics infrastructure.”

Establishment of Centers of Excellence on AI L. Badri Narayanan, Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan


“The Government has announced the establishment of three centers of excellence for Artificial Intelligence that will be set-up in top educational institutions in India. The Government has taken several initiatives in the past for the development of AI in India including development of Centers for Excellence, forming Committees on Artificial Intelligence and entering into global partnerships for the development of AI in India.The current announcement appears to be in line and builds upon the proposals of a Committee constituted in February 2018, by MEITY. The Committee was to propose initiatives and develop policy frameworks for promotion of AI and emerging technologies in India.While providing for Centers of Excellence it will remain equally essential that an appropriate regulatory framework be also designed which can leverage the true potential of AI and at the same time also address various legal and ethical issues pertaining to use of AI, particularly in the field of finance, pharma, and health sectors.The Digital India Act is expected to address these aspects and is likely to provide a more comprehensive framework for the use of AI and related emerging tech.” 




AgriTech - Gaurav Dayal, Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan 


 ”The data in the Economic Survey 2022-23 showcases AgriTech sector to be a sunrise sector in India for the last 5 years. The emphasis of the government on the AgriTech sector and allied areas in the budget, including building of digital public infrastructure and setting up an agriculture accelerator fund, is a welcome move which is expected to provide a greater fillip to the AgriTech sector, which may see emergence of unicorns sooner than later.Agriculture and the allied industries have been the backbone of the Indian economy and the government seems to recognise this as well. The Government’s primary goal to use creative and AI based technologies in agriculture and allied industries, as reflected in this budget, is expected to work to overall benefit of all relevant stakeholders.”