, Inc. announces strategic investment from Megazone Cloud to bring mobile cloud play to game developers - GADGET-INNOVATIONS, Inc. announces strategic investment from Megazone Cloud to bring mobile cloud play to game developers

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The partnership is aimed at transforming the mobile gaming industry with new business models, Inc. announced a strategic investment from MEGAZONECLOUD to bring new business models to the mobile gaming industry. With, Inc’s solutions, MEGAZONECLOUD will enable Asian game developers to bring their games to the cloud, opening up new business models and global audiences for them.

Traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective, and game developers are looking for disruptive solutions to increase their reach efficiently. Inc's breakthrough technology has reduced the cost of the cloud 100x, unlocking transformative forces for the mobile gaming industry. Combining this with MEGAZONECLOUD’s customized solutions will help developers leverage the power of the cloud power and transform their businesses,” said Ju-wan Lee, CEO of MEGAZONECLOUD

“Game developers have been slow to adopt the cloud because of high cost and the need for specialized game cloud. Our breakthrough distributed and real-time cloud technology has made the cloud business commercially viable for game developers. We believe this partnership with MEGAZONECLOUD will significantly boost cloud adoption and open new avenues of revenue for developers,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO, Inc.

With, Inc.’s technology-focused offerings, game developers can explode the discovery surface for their games by offering a high-quality ad-free cross-platform experience for their games.

“With access to cloud solutions, developers can focus on creating the best possible gaming experiences for their players, while reaching new audiences globally. The new partnership between MEGAZONECLOUD and is expected to be a major boost to Korean mobile game developers,” Ju-wan Lee, CEO of MEGAZONECLOUD

MEGAZONECLOUD is Asia’s leading cloud player with the largest number of game customers in Korea, and, Inc. is one of the largest cloud gaming services in the world with 6B+ minutes played per monthly and 20M+ MAU. The announcement is a continuation of a long-standing partnership between the companies, which aims to assist local game developers in expanding their reach and audience through breakthrough cloud gaming technology.

Mumbai, March 31, 2023