Web3 and Metaverse could be US $ 200 Bn opportunity for India according to a report by Arthur D. Little - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Web3 and Metaverse could be US $ 200 Bn opportunity for India according to a report by Arthur D. Little

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·   The Metaverse is poised to become a US $13 trillion opportunity globally by 2030



·   Indian Web3 and Metaverse market to reach US $200 billion by 2035



· The retail (37%) and financial services sector (15%) will drive the Web3 and Metaverse adoption in India

Arthur D. Little, a renowned strategy and management consulting organisation, today released its latest industry report, "WEB3 & METAVERSE — THE RISE OF THE NEW INTERNET & THE INDIA OPPORTUNITY". The report builds on an in-depth analysis of the Web3 and Metaverse possibilities for India with relevant use cases and delves into the potential impact in growth sectors. 



The report outlines the role of Web3 and Metaverse in building the next version of the Internet and leading the frontiers of the next wave of digital adoption for Indian industries. The report reveals that the Web3 and Metaverse market opportunity in India is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of nearly 40%, with the potential to become a US $200 billion industry by 2035.


The report defines the Metaverse as ‘the future version of the Internet, blending the frontiers between reality and virtuality, at the convergence of immersive spaces, social and collaborative experiences, and the creator economy’. It is projected to become a US $13 trillion opportunity globally by 2030. It is estimated that about 8% of the $160 trillion global GDP by 2030 will come from Web3 and Metaverse.



The report also highlights how India's e-commerce penetration is set to grow, presenting an opportunity for Web3 and Metaverse technologies to enhance the retail and finance sectors. Furthermore, India's leadership in digital payments adoption could pave the way for the integration of fintech solutions in the Web3 ecosystem.

Investors, corporates, start-ups, and the government need to work together to help India realize the US $ 200 Bn potential in Web3 and Metaverse. The report highlights imperatives for all the relevant stakeholders to capture the Web3 and Metaverse opportunities. Notably, investors could set up dedicated teams in Web3 and Metaverse and establish accelerator programs. Similarly, corporates could launch Web3 and Metaverse sandboxes and partner with start-ups. 



Startups could evangelize use cases, focus on building enabling products for local e-commerce and global customers and work with corporates on their Metaverse and Web3 programs. Finally, regulators could enact proactive supportive policies, incentivize infrastructure investments, and consider hardware subsidies for AR/VR devices.



Arthur D. Little's report is a must-read for investors, corporates, and start-ups interested in understanding the potential of Web3 and Metaverse technologies in India's digital landscape.

New Delhi, 1st June 2023