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OKIE To Launch 32-inch Sports Series Smart TVs in South India

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Demand Surges Amidst Upcoming 2023 Sports Season


● Immersive Viewing Experience with 32”, 40”, and 43” Screens


● Full HD display and 4K Ultra HD resolution for crystal-clear images and vivid colours


● In-built voice control for seamless navigation


● 20-watt powerful sound output and built-in soundbars for immersive audio


● Boom sound technology brings the action to life, making viewers feel like they are right in the middle of the scene


● Multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, USB and Bluetooth


● Brightness level of 280 NITS for a clear picture even in daylight conditions  


● Exceptional 18-month service warranty, ensuring that a purchase is protected for an extended period of time


● With a wide network of service centres conveniently spread across various locations in Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu, OKIE ensures that assistance is never far away


OKIE, India’s leading home entertainment brand, is gearing up to launch its flagship 32-inch Sports Series Smart TVs in South India. Timed perfectly with the upcoming sports season, featuring events such as the much anticipated ICC World Cup 2023 and the Asia Cup 2023, this launch is a significant step forward for OKIE.

With a strong foothold in states like Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, OKIE is now setting its sights on reaching even more homes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. This expansion is fueled by the increasing demand for high-quality electronics at affordable prices, underscoring OKIE's dedication to bringing advanced technology to every part of the country.

With a deep understanding that India is a country passionate about sports, OKIE has designed these TVs to provide an exceptional viewing experience for sports enthusiasts and entertainment lovers alike. The OKIE Sports Series Smart TVs, starting at just Rs. 8,990/- for the 32-inch model, Rs. 17,999/- for the 40-inch model, and Rs. 19,999/- for the 43-inch model, offer a range of advanced features such as full HD display, 4K Ultra HD resolution, in-built voice control, and 10+10 watt powerful sound output.

With immersive soundbars, surround sound, and multiple connectivity options, these TVs bring every moment of the game to life. The TVs also boast a brightness level of 280 NITS, ensuring clear picture quality even in bright daylight conditions.

OKIE's innovative line of Sport Series Smart TVs, priced under INR 9k, is geared to meet the growing demand for sports content, especially with the upcoming ICC World Cup in India. Positioned strategically, OKIE aims to tap into the thriving sports entertainment market, offering households an accessible way to enjoy live sports. By providing top-quality products at an affordable price, OKIE is poised to revolutionise the realm of sports entertainment, making it more accessible to all.

The burgeoning smart TV market, estimated at nearly INR 80,000 crores, is forecasted to witness a robust growth rate of around 16.7% over the next five years, signifying a thriving landscape. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, OKIE has emerged triumphant, selling close to 1 lakh TV units across seven states during the 2022-2023 fiscal year. This resounding success attests to the swift adoption of smart TVs and the escalating demand for advanced features among discerning consumers.

The introduction of OKIE's Sports Series Smart TVs marks a pivotal moment in the home entertainment sector, promising an immersive, cost-effective, and unparalleled viewing adventure for patrons across India. With a wide network of distributors across the Southern region, OKIE has been able to expand its reach and cater to the growing demand for its products from 1 state to 8 states, from 300 retailers to 2500 retailers, from 8 locations to 45 locations.

As the demand for smart TVs continues to grow in the South India market, OKIE is poised to capitalise on this trend by providing innovative and high-quality products at fair prices. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product innovation is what makes it a trusted name in the smart TV segment.


South India, 4th September 2023