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LG - Global Electronics Brand and well established brand known for its innovative technology range of consumer products, celebrating their record-breaking sales in Q1.  On this celebration ceremony LG India launches its latest Energy Manager and ARTCOOL Air Conditioners.

This milestone comes alongside order based achievement of 1mn ACs in a record time in 2024. LG attributed this success to their latest innovation in their 2024 lineup consisting 77 new models, setting new standards for energy efficiency, style and performnce in the Indian market.

The remarkable success of LG's air-conditioning division underscores the brand's unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that resonate with consumers evolving needs and preferences.  With a focus on sustainability and innovation, LG continues to redefine the air conditioning experience, offering products that not only provide superior comfort but also empower consumers to make environmentally conscious choices.


The introduction of the Energy Manager feature marks a significant milestone in LG's commitment to sustainability and consumer empowerment.  This cutting-edge feature allows users to define their energy usage preferences and periods, leveraging Wi-Fi connectivity to optimize compressor usage and minimize energy consumption effortlessly.  With Energy Manager, consumers can enjoy greater control over their energy usage, leading to significant savings on electricity bills without compromising on comfort.


Adding a touch of elegance to any space, LG introduces the new AC Series ARTCOOL with a Black Mirror Finish.  Combining style with superior performance, this series is sure to captivate consumers who prioritize aesthetics without compromising on functionality.

In addition to Energy Manager and the ARTCOOL Black Mirror Finish Series, LG is proud to unveil several other key features across its lineup, each designed to enhance the air conditioning experience :


Diet Mode : Leveraging Dual Inverter Compressor Technology, Diet Mode reduces power consumption by an impressing 81% while maintaining optimal cooling efficiency and airflow.  This innovative feature ensures a comfortable indoor environment while effectively managing electricity costs, making it an ideal choice for consumers seeking both comfort and cost-effectiveness.

Him Clean : Keeping indoor air clean and hygienic is make effortless with Him Clean.  This automated cleaning feature eliminates bacteria from the interior of the air conditioner, providing consumers with peace of mind and hassle-free maintenance.

Newly Introduced Gold Fin :  LG's commitment to durability and longevity is exemplified by the newly introduced Gold Fin+ Coating, which offers protection against humidity and corrosion causing elements.  With enhanced corrosion resistance, Gold Fin+ prolongs the lifespan of the air conditioner, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind for consumers.

Enhanced ThinQ Care :  LG ThinQ Care gets even smarter in 2024 with two new features : Low Gas Detection and Foul Smell Detection.  These additions enable the air conditioner to proactively detect and address potential issues, providing users with enhanced convenience and peace of mind.

To celebrate the lanch of the 2024 lineup and the record-breaking sales achievement, LG is offering a range of offers, including cashback offers, consumer finance options and same-day installation services, making it easier than ever for consumers to experience the benefits of LG's innovative air conditioning solutions.

The 2024 lineup of LG air conditioners is available at a price range of Rs.35,000/- to Rs.65,000/- offering consumers a variety of options to suit their budget and preferences the air-conditioners will be available across retail and online platforms including LG.com, LG Retail Stores, Flipkart and Amazon.

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15 April, 2024, New Delhi, India