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Air Ok Pollution Seizure Arrests Hazardous Air Pollutants In The Outdoors, Delivers Clean Air

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Air Ok Technologies, IIT Madras incubated clean tech start-up, has launched Air Ok Pollution Seizure to monitor and control the air quality in the outdoors. Pollution Seizure effectively captures air pollutants such as PM 2.5, PM 10, heavy metal particles, toxic fumes like Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. It delivers clean air for breathing up to 200 meters of coverage area with different variants. Variants coverage area starts from 60 feet and goes up to 200 meters.

The device comes packed with multiple EGAPA (Efficient Granular Adsorbent Particulate Arrester) Air Filters. The EGAPA filter is a patented filter technology by Air Ok Technologies that sports a unique medium to absorb various types of air pollutants. The filter draws its power from dual stratified filtration that allows it to absorb particulate up to 0.1 micron. Hence, Air Ok Pollution Seizure is powerful to reduce the high levels of nitrogen dioxide emissions at urban hot spots and eliminates toxic gases from the air around it. Further, its fine dust particulate capturer helps maintain air quality up to recommended standards. 

The rising levels of pollution in cities are giving birth to various health issues and severe problems. Today, we are in dire need to deploy solutions that not only fights the high levels of pollution but can also work to reverse the damage of pollution. Air Ok Pollution Seizure's strong built allows 360-degree air intake from the bottom reaching to the EGAPA filters and finally released through high capacity blowers back into the environment, after powerful filtration. The device is built with heavy metal to survive in the most acute conditions. 

A perfect choice for homes with extended outdoor areas like gated communities, public parks, schools or universities, corporate parks, and other places, this device range starts from INR 5 lac and goes up to INR 2 Cr depending on area of coverage required. Depending upon the area of operations, filters will need to be changed based on pollution levels.