Leading AR Toy Company - PlayShifu, Witnessed A 300% Increase In Demand In The Global Market Amidst COVID 19 Outbreak - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Leading AR Toy Company - PlayShifu, Witnessed A 300% Increase In Demand In The Global Market Amidst COVID 19 Outbreak

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During the pandemic, while many sectors saw a major drop in their operations, Playshifu the only STEAM toy company saw a huge surge in their platform. PlayShifu is based out of Bangalore and currently sells in about 15 countries. For the US, e-commerce was open throughout, and  the month of  March-April saw an overall 20% surge in demand for toys in which the educational toys category saw a 200% surge. Overall, PlayShifu products saw a 300% increase in demand.

Since the lockdown began, Play Shifu has witnessed over 50K new users registered on the Orboot and Plugo platforms. Orboot and Plugo platforms saw a jump in daily activity (play sessions) by 45% Children around the world that have spent a total of 2.4 million minutes on our platforms in the March to May period. The existing users have started ordering other products from our range and our repurchases/cross-sells have gone up from 10% to 35%. Top 25% of users (kids) have been playing our games for more than 6 months consistently, which is unheard of in the kids' games and toys industry!

PlayShifu is working aggressively towards making the existing products even better and launching new products. The Shifu Orboot platform gets a cool new dinosaurs globe in June and a Mars globe in July. These products will be launched in the US, to begin with, and will then be rolled out in other countries including India. Also, their brand new phygital board games platform, Shifu Tacto will be releasing later this year. 

Founded in 2016 by Dinesh Advani and Vivek Goyal after they saw a need to provide meaningfully digital play experiences for their kids, PlayShifu is now loved around the world.

On the same terms, we would like to explore an interaction opportunity with Vivek Goyal, CEO of PlayShifu who would like to share with you the insights on the below and many more :

- Global Market performance by PlayShifu during COVID 19 outbreak.

- Their new product launches 

- Different varieties of educational toys PlayShifu has and the motive behind launching them 

- Their expectations in the upcoming month in terms of revenue and registration 

- Their mission to design a comprehensive learn-and-play method based on innovative phygital interactions for Gen Alpha kids (2-12-year-olds)