ACI Worldwide To Deliver Fraud Prevention In The Cloud To All Customers Globally - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Part of ACI’s Covid-19 rapid response program, ACI’s award-winning fraud prevention solution is now globally available as ‘Software as a Service’ offering

ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, today announced that ACI Proactive Risk Manager and ACI Model Generator, part of ACI’s Payments Risk Management solution, can now be deployed in a private or public cloud environment by all existing customers globally.

The move comes in response to the changing fraud landscape, which has further accelerated during the current Covid-19 pandemic, increasing pressure on financial institutions to adapt quickly, maximize operational efficiencies and mitigate increased risks.

ACI Proactive Risk Manager delivers enterprise fraud management capabilities, including advanced machine learning, predictive analytics and expertly defined rules, to help banks and intermediaries identify and mitigate financial fraud and help reduce the compliance burden in all forms. These include the likes of immediate payments, internet and mobile banking, on-boarding threats, merchant acquiring and even internal fraud—within a single comprehensive solution.

ACI Model Generator enables business users to create and maintain their own predictive machine learning models within minutes. The offering was recently enhanced with shared intelligence, empowering the financial community to collaborate and build hybrid machine learning models.

The new ‘Software as a Service’ offering is available on ACI’s private cloud or a public cloud environment through its global strategic collaboration with Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Partner Network. Companies successfully deploying the ACI solution in the public cloud recently include Conductor, a leading Brazilian-based processor, and Banco Safra, the world’s largest privately owned bank.

Key features and advantages of ACI’s new offering:

Time to Market: The ACI solution can be up and running within days.

Scalability: The solution can be scaled up and down to handle seasonality.

Security: Customers benefit from enhanced security compared to running in an on-premise environment.

Value-added services: Customers benefit from an increased number of value-added services as ACI’s applications and capabilities work in tandem with Microsoft’s capabilities.

Compliance: All compliance requirements such as PCS/SLA can be automated.

Data Sovereignty: Cloud deployment allow customers to fulfil data sovereignty requirements.

India—July 15, 2020