·  The Apartment Super-App, keeping in line with its philosophy of being a user-oriented product has released yet another COVID control feature to help residential communities to stay safe.

·  The new feature allows the residential community to keep track of Quarantined Apartment Units to help assist neighbors.

It has been strongly established in the past few months that the only preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19 is Isolation and Home Quarantine, in case an individual or a family member has been exposed to the virus.

ADDA’s New Home Quarantine Tracker Feature aims to make the ordeal of Home Quarantine simpler and motivating for its users. A well thought out feature, it combines three important aspects of Home Quarantined neighbors:

1. Residents are encouraged to self-declare their units as Quarantined Units.

2. It helps the Association to keep track of Quarantined units. This in turn makes it easier to arrange for smooth hassle-free delivery of essentials to the units and precautionary sanitization activities.

3. It also urges neighbors to be empathetic where they can “Send Goodwill Wishes” and even offer any help the flat members may need.

This feature can be adopted by all ADDA users irrespective of the different Quarantine rules in their state, locality, or community. It is also available in all the packages - Free and Paid.

July 6, 2020, Bengaluru