Synology Products Sales Promotion In India During Amazon Prime Day - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Synology have selected a lineup for 4 best selling products, during Amazon Prime Day this year and the country's Independence day. Synology planned to share the thanks to all the tech-savvy supporters from India. While this will be the first time as a HQ-leaded Sales Promotion for Synology Products in India.

·   Schedule & Promotion Sites

For the upcoming August, we will have promotion on

o  Amazon- Prime day (6th-7th August)

o  Synology Partners - Independence Day(8th-11th August) 

·   Special Offer on all platforms

o  Buy on Amazon- up to 29%off (Please see below list for more information)

o  Buy from our partners- Exclusive special offers

o  Or just simply send us a product inquiry for more details

Synology Special Offer On Amazon Prime Day

Original Price
 Prime     Day 
Savings (%)
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