Guided Projects Offering Becomes The Fastest To Reach One Million Enrollments On Coursera - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Guided Projects Offering Becomes The Fastest To Reach One Million Enrollments On Coursera

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Enterprise offering now includes private authoring of Guided Projects, courses, and assessments



·   By Shravan Goli, Chief Product Officer and Namit Yadav, General Manager, Rhyme



The pandemic has accelerated the rate of digital transformation among institutions, creating an urgent need to support skills development in new ways. With face-to-face training not possible in the current environment, institutions are using online learning to prepare for a digital future. The shift is at the heart of growing demand for Guided Projects, which offer hands-on learning experiences for job-relevant skills across data science, technology, and business. 


Guided Projects have attracted over one million enrollments since launching in April this year, making it the fastest-growing product offering on Coursera. We now have more than 380 Guided Projects on the platform, with plans to offer over 1,000 by the end of the year. 


Most people learn in an institutional environment, either on campus or at work. For this reason, many institutions are interested in developing customized content for their learners. Starting today, we are expanding our enterprise offering to include private authoring of Guided Projects, courses, and assessments. Using powerful authoring tools, organizations can now translate their knowledge into content tailored to their institutional needs. 


Privately authored Guided Projects enable organizations to become educators, elevating subject matter experts to support institutional knowledge sharing. Organizations such as Hertz and others are using authoring tools to develop Guided Projects in areas like IT, SaaS management, application troubleshooting, data visualization, and software onboarding. 


Guided Projects advance the online learning experience by enabling immediate application of skills. According to the Forgetting Curve” study, we forget about 75% of new information after just six days if we don’t apply it. Guided Projects address this challenge by using step-by-step guidance and a virtual cloud workspace to apply skills to real-world environments. 


Individuals and institutions around the world are benefiting from hands-on learning experiences. 

By accessing Guided Projects through the Coursera for Campus offering, students are learning to apply job-relevant skills in work environments. 

Organizations like Nokia and Sanofi use Guided Projects to drive continuous reskilling across teams, benefiting from their accessibility in a virtual cloud workspace and how quick they are to complete.