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Top 5 Disruptive Technologies That Are Empowering Chatbots

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With the evolution in the technology and IT sector, various transformations have taken place in every sector. Chatbots are a very good example in terms of transformation as they are changing the working pattern of industries across the globe. They are becoming more impactful as technology progresses.

Chatbots, as the name suggests, are virtual modes of communication. It is a kind of software that helps users to communicate in a back and forth conversational way. As they are equipped with automated and scale routine support functions businesses and organizations have started applicating chatbots in their organization. 

Chatbots have already diversified itself from e-commerce industries to the telecom sector. SMEs and big industries have already started unlocking the potentials of these virtual bots. 

Here we will explore the chatbot's capabilities which are helping it to evolve even more.

1) AI(Artificial Intelligence) and NLP(Natural Language Processing)

Artificial Intelligence is not very new in the market and has evolved with time. There are different kinds of chatbots including the one which is on preset Q&A scripts, where users respond by selecting buttons instead of typing themselves.

Another type is the modified version based on AI and NLP. These bots are judicious and can “acquire” overtime to respond as humans would to free-form user inputs. 

AI and NLP stocked chatbots are more accurate and prepared to collect information for analysis and use. They can also develop a sense of emotional intelligence to detect the objective behind the user messages.

2) Oriserve

ORI is an end-to-end provider of conversational AI-powered chatbots, helping the different verticals of the industry by making chatbots for big giants like Telecom, Auto, D2h with the sole intention of helping them to make the customer experience count. Ori's platform uses real-time insights and cues to help users improve their experience across calls, Emails, Conversations Over Chat. 

  • For your customers - Understands whatever language you speak 

  • Trained for you -  Imbibes your brand’s character, jargon, customer communication norms

  • Learns in a Flash -  Always-on multilayered training and hyper-transferred intelligence

  • Failsafe  Hybrid mechanism invokes a live chat agent to salvage customer experience 

  • Security -  military-grade guidelines with conformity to all security, regulatory and privacy norms. ORI can directly be deployed within highly regulated sectors like Telecom, BFSI, Defence etc.

3) Ecommerce Tool

Chatbots are identified as one of the important tools in the e-commerce segment as it has helped in the customer-friendly user interface. This method has also helped in increasing sales of the Chatbots have proven to be highly effective at increasing sales for many types of businesses. For instance:

  • A hospital can use a chatbot to solve the problem of an ailing person and can save their effort and time.

  • A beauty salon can use a chatbot to attract new clients and allow them to book appointments in a few taps or clicks

  • A restaurant can use a chatbot to accept to-go orders or dining reservations

Ecommerce 100% activity happens on-screen, chatbots are shoppers' easy way of communicating as they popup offers and helps in feedback.

4) Voice-Activated Technology

From Amazon's Alexa to Apple's Siri have activated the scope and modification in terms of virtual communication. Voice-activated chatbots interact with users via pre-recorded audio responses instead of written text. Such chatbots are hands-free, immediate, and engaging. Moreover, communicating is quicker and more natural for humans than typing, so many users feel more comfortable with Voice-activated bots. They answer and activate as per the speech of the user.

5) Interoperability

Interoperability is the capability of a product or device whose interfaces are completely understood, to work with other products or systems without any restrictions. This involves the prospect of submerging with different devices for better results. Nowadays, chatbots survive separately in many different places: on websites, in Facebook Messenger, on WhatsApp, on smart speakers, and more. This interoperability provides appropriate ease to the user. This application is making this powerful technology heftier.

The chatbot is a powerful technology as it runs on a user-friendly interface and generates information automatically. Not only that it is a helping hand in terms of promoting sales in the company. "Chatbots have a very bright future"