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Gleeden : Why Is Compatibility More Important Than Intimacy Today?

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The divorce rate in some parts of the world such as the United States stands at 50%, in other parts of the world it’s even higher.  Indian society on the other hand is a lot less exposed to divorce cases when compared to its foreign counterparts.  These numbers though don’t come as a surprise to many who understand what it takes to make a relationship work.


How we got here

Since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, women have realised that it’s their prerogative to enjoy sex. This realisation has, on the whole, been good for society for several reasons.


While before the sexual revolution, countless women suffered silently in marriages that were not working, following it, women have come to demand satisfaction in the bedroom. That's why today when married women find they are trapped in a marriage in which their partner cannot meet their needs, they calmly find a lover outside marriage. They have every right to do as the defining characteristic of our era is individual happiness. A woman or man for that matter has every right to seek happiness except when doing so hampers another person’s pursuit of pleasure. When millions of people in society find happiness, society becomes a happier and more tolerant place.


With the pursuit of happiness as the mantra of our time, a woman has every right to seek sexual fulfilment from her partner and vice versa. However, while a husband and wife are obligated to meet each other’s physical needs, it may not always be possible for each to do so. While on the surface, each partner may be capable of expressing physical intimacy, when a husband and wife are not sexually compatible, intimacy may not be enough to make their marriage work. When it comes to having a successful marriage, sexual compatibility may be the most critical factor. The absence of sexual compatibility may be the reasons why 46% of Indian’s are in a sexual relationship outside their marriage as stated by a survey conducted by Gleeden.


Sexually compatible partners have it easier

Being sexually compatible with a partner goes a long way in making a marriage successful. When a husband and wife have matching sex drives, the intimacy between them is strengthened. For a woman, few things are as bad as being married to a man who has a markedly lower sex drive than she does. Same holds for a man who has a much higher sex drive than his wife. 


That’s not to say that sexual compatibility is the only thing that can make a marriage successful. Intimacy is important, but not enough to make men and women happy and secure in a relationship.


Why intimacy is not enough

Being intimate with a partner includes playing with them, cuddling, and kidding. A good old fashioned pillow fight in bed between a husband and wife serves to foster intimacy. Its goes without saying that intimacy plays a vital role in bringing a man and women together. Men and women who share intimate moments become closer to one another, which eventually could lead to sex. That's good news. However, should the man and women have different sexual appetites, mere intimacy may not be enough for them to stay together.


Whether they are merely dating, engaged, or married, or engaging in some extramarital fun, when a man and women lack sexual compatibility, their relationship will either not last very long, or be unfulfilling to one or both partners. 


Intimate moments like watching a movie, cooking together, listening to music, dining, shopping can be precursors to sex. But when two peoples libidos are very different, these intimate moments will become fewer and far between until eventually, a couple splits. Increasing the number of intimate moments a couple spends together does nothing to increase a partner’s libido.


This presents a challenge because a couple may have a great time dating, but when it comes to sex, one partner may not be able to meet the others demand. Outside a bedroom, a couple may be the couple everyone else wants to be. Still, without sexual compatibility, the charm a couple’s intimacy exudes won’t be enough to salvage their relationship.


Compatibility is more important than ever before

The divorce rate is rising everywhere, even in conservative India, where taboos against divorce until recently had been extreme. Some might believe that a high divorce rate signals decay in the moral fabric of society, yet in fact, the opposite is more likely to be true. When people take the step to divorce, they signal they are progressive and willing to seek out pleasure without consideration of social mores. Rather than repressing their feelings and emotions and thereby suffer needlessly, such individuals are willing to cast aside social dictums to pursue pleasure. Their actions make society a more stable, tolerant, prosperous and enlightened place.


In the pursuit of individual happiness, people are seeking out sexual partners who have matching sexual drives. A woman or man trapped in a marriage that isn't working can try to rescue their relationship by attempting to create intimacy with their partner. But unless the pair shares sexual compatibility, all their attempts to salvage their relationship by creating intimacy will fail. The understanding that people need sex is likely one reason why married couples are willing to forgive partners who stray. In a survey conducted by Gleeden it was found out that nearly 37% of Indians are unconditionally willing to forgive partners who cheat.     


Indians are global citizens, and as a result, they are as deeply intertwined with global trends as citizens of any country. As global citizens, Indians are living for their happiness. Like their global peers, they are more individualised than ever before and driven by what Freud referred to as the pleasure principle. Sex that is fulfilling is central to this pursuit of pleasure. As global citizens, Indians realise that beyond the thrilling games of courtship and intimacy lie sexual fulfilment which is fundamental to the success of every relationship. Such satisfaction is possible only when a man and women are sexually compatible.