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OnePlus Smart TVs To Enhance Your Viewing Experience For The Indian Premier League And The English Premier League Season

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Look no further! 


Skimping on a TV without panel quality, resolution, and sound, is one of the biggest injustices true sports fans can commit when cheering their beloved team. However, the question of a premium yet affordable experience is on everyone’s mind - Is it possible to watch your favorite sport at the highest viewing quality yet not having to rob a bank or put out a mortgage ?

When looking for a TV in this season of sporting extravaganza, one must look for brightness, uniformity (to avoid screen shade clouding also known as dirty screen effect), fast motion handling, and wide viewing angles to accommodate your friends when watching the beloved IPL and the on-going English Premier League 2020-21.

With the EPL finally underway, OnePlus has launched in a true Never Settle fashion, some of the best premium yet affordable Smart TVs for the Indian market to help you prep for the big games.

OnePlus TV U Series 55inch

The OnePlus TV U Series 55inch comes with the segment-defining picture quality in 4K UHD with an enhanced color gamut of DCI-P3 93%. Simply put, the breathtaking sharpness, clarity and vibrant colors make the content come to life right before you, which for high paced sports content like football and cricket.

One of the only TVs in the range with Gamma Engine optimization, the OnePlus TV U Series 55-inch takes the experience to a new level of visual perfection with real-time image quality optimization, built to always deliver a smoother, clearer and more immersive viewing experience.

The advanced MEMC algorithms elevate video frame rates to intelligently interpolate content, providing users the chance to explore a new world of visual fluidity. The new MEMC feature makes all content breathtakingly smooth across the expansive 55-inch display. It further reduces motion blur, stuttering and ghosting, so action-packed movies and sports visuals remain smooth and crisp.

Equipped with Noise reduction, the OnePlus TV U Series 55-inch, effectively mitigates image noise without washing out the vivid colors, giving you truer blacks, cleaner whites and an overall higher-quality digital source content. Watch your favorite content the way it was meant to be watched.

Finally, OnePlus TV U Series 55-inch is powered by 30W Dolby Atmos dual speakers. So if you want to hear every roar from the manager on the sidelines and the deafening sound of Formula 1 engines rushing past you, the quality of sound is crystal clear and every goal line technology movement and checkered finishes can be seen clearly for every angle.

OnePlus TV 55U1

OnePlus TV Y Series 43inch & 32inch

The OnePlus TV Y series is available in two options, a 43-inch model with FHD resolution ( and a 32-inch model which is HD-ready (). These entry-level models come with 20W speakers with Dolby Audio. And, are priced at Rs. 24,999 and Rs. 14,999 respectively, offering some of the industry-leading features at pocket friendly price-tags.

The display on both series’ TVs offer a 93% DCI-P color gamut, a Gamma Engine for real-time picture quality optimization. Further, the bezel-less design thanks to nearly 90% screen-to-body ratio on the 43-inch Y Series variant, and over 90% incredible screen-to-body ratio on the 32-inch variant, makes it a Smart TV designed for a truly immersive viewing experience. Simply put, when Lionel Messi does something otherworldly with his feet or Cristiano Ronaldo swiftly moves past his opponents, you know what just happened.

The most preferred gaming panel sizes range between 43 and 32 inches, so if you’re an avid gamer and a sports fanatic, the OnePlus TVs have you covered with a decreased latency of 22 ms in their specific ‘Gaming Mode’, which is one of the lowest in the segment. 

Moreover, all OnePlus TVs come equipped with the OnePlus’ signature burdenless experience. A testament to that is the OnePlus Connect app which empowers users with an array of smart features, that let you, for example, pair with up to 5 devices at the same time, over Bluetooth and use your OnePlus smartphones as a remote for a seamless smart TV experience.

OnePlus TV 43Y1

OnePlus TV 32Y1