Tenda Introduces All-New MW5G Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router System In India - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


~ Designed for medium-to-large sized households offering high-speed broadband service ~

Tenda, a leading provider of networking devices introduces its all-new MW5G AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router System to cover a large space area with consistent Wi-Fi signals while eliminating the dead spots within the house. The new mesh router is an addition to its best selling mesh router systems in India.



Tenda MW5G is a 1200Mbps dual-band distribution mesh Wi-Fi system designed for medium to large-sized households, bringing in exponential Wi-Fi coverage, as well as a faster and stable Internet connection to cover the household. A Pack of 3 MW5G provides up to 3,500 square feet and a pack of 6 provides 6,000 square feet Wi-Fi coverage range and is also ideal for more than 1-floor houses. Compliant with IEEE 802.11k/v/r seamless roaming protocols, MW5G supports automatic network optimization and automatic routing selection, allowing one to enjoy a more stable and flexible wireless network.


Tenda MW5G comes with 2 x 3 dBi built-in Omni-directional antennas and 2 external power amplifiers use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands to enhance the signal strength and receiving capability.



Equipped with patented MU-MIMO and Beamforming Technology features, Tenda MW5G offers unrivalled coverage and stable performance. MU-MIMO Technology ensures a stable wireless connection and increases the quality of connected clients and data processing while Beamforming Technology helps in focusing transmit power onto wireless devices for better signal strength apart from MU-MIMO technology.



The newly launched Tenda MW5G is the upgraded version of its highest-selling Mesh Router-MW5. Primarily, the only difference between the two is, MW5G can connect 80 devices at one time whereas MW5 can connect 60 devices in a pack of 3 configurations.



Tenda MW5G comes with enhanced smart management and security features that help in managing networks easily and from anywhere. One of the unique features that make Tenda Mesh Routers stand apart from its competitors is its “Smart Tenda Wi-Fi App” which allows one to have easy access to the device and also blocking any unauthorized users with a single tap. It also supports in Parental Control to help parents with the Internet safely while kids are accessing the Internet and Guest Network to protect personal privacy as well.



Key Features: 


·  3,500 square feet with Pack of 3 and 6,000 square feet WiFi range

·  2 x 3 dBi built-in Omni-directional antennas and 2 external power amplifiers

·  Compliant with IEEE 802.11k/v/r seamless roaming protocols

·  Uses dual frequency of 2.4 and 5GHz simultaneously

·  MU-MIMO, SSID Broadcast and Beamforming Technology

·  80 devices can be connected

·  Guest Network 

·  Smart Tenda Wi-Fi App


Pricing and Availability:                          


Tenda MW5G Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Router System is available through authorized partners and other reseller channels across India. The mesh router (Pack of 3) is available at a Market Operating Price of INR 12,999/-.



New Delhi, September 16, 2020