Quick Heal Helps In The Recovery Of Stolen Desktops And Other Items In Gujarat - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Quick Heal Helps In The Recovery Of Stolen Desktops And Other Items In Gujarat

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We have heard a lot about how cybersecurity solutions protect end-users from threat actors stealing their sensitive data. But, have you ever imagined how this can also save users from robbery? As astonishing as it may sound, the news is 100% authentic, and the protagonist in this story is Quick Heal!

Two desktops along with a few other items were robbed from Hari Preet Fashion, a garment store in Surat, in September 2020. A group of thieves barged into the shop and stole a couple of items, including two desktops, an embroidery machine, garments, a CCTV unit and an LED. However, little did they know that the Quick Heal anti-virus solution installed on the desktops would turn out to be a trap that would help in tracing them.

Post the robbery, the end-user filed an FIR, followed by the local police initiating their investigation process. After about a month, the victim purchased a new desktop and requested Universal Computer, who is also a Quick Heal dealer to install the Quick Heal solution with the previous license key, which went away with the stolen desktop. On the next day itself, the new desktop that now had the old QH license key started receiving multiple installation errors. The dealer was aware that this problem occurs only when the same QH license is simultaneously being used on another machine.

The dealer immediately contacted Quick Heal support team and shared the FIR copy with them. The team registered a query on TrackMyLaptop, a free Quick Heal laptop tracking facility to retrieve stolen laptops. Post registration, Quick Heal support team assisted the police and guided them to use this service, as per the given instructions. After the tracking process, the team shared details such as Mac ID, IP, city and location of the stolen desktops with the police officials. The digital evidence helped in their investigation and eventually trace and recover most of the stolen items from the culprits. Later, the data on the system was accessed and found intact.

Gujarat, November 25, 2020