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Qandle launches ‘Qanbot’ - AI powered HR bot solution


Qandle – an HRMS startup, has launched a new AI HR chat-bot called ‘Qanbot’ that helps automate daily HR tasks of employees. The idea behind the solution is to automate and address the day-to-day general queries of employees on behalf of the HR department. The solution makes it easy to keep the workforce updated on their leave policies,  holidays, leave balances and allows them to apply for leaves and time offs, request attendance regularizations, request assets for performing their roles better, and raise helpdesk tickets for issues they are facing. 












Through Qanbot, Qandle has added significant convenience to both employees and the HR teams, especially in the current remote working scenario, which makes it difficult to reach out to the HR for small queries. The solution easily reduces the hassle for HR managers’ tasks of recording the employee data, checking, replying, reminding etc. 

An employee can simply type or select the query on the bot. A product of cutting-edge technology, QanBot also recognizes voice requests and performs the necessary functions.

The brand has been working towards automating all the recurrent and manual HR and admin tasks in various organizations to the maximum possible extent. The platform aims to serve over 300 new organizations through the new chat-bot solution. 















New Delhi, 28 April, 2021