World MSME Day 2021, June 27 | CPaaS And Its Potential For MSMEs - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

World MSME Day 2021, June 27 | CPaaS And Its Potential For MSMEs

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Korero Platforms is a  new-age start-up enabling contextual conversations between enterprises and their stakeholders using powerful and relevant AI Technology. With Korero, enterprises are expected to get 20-25 percent higher return of Investment for enterprises in their marketing campaigns and reduce the cost of engagement with clients by 30 percent. Adding more, Korero Platforms and its AI tools will further drive the customer lifetime value by automating the communication flow.

Dilip Modi, Founder, Korero Platforms:
“India is home to close to 6.3 crore MSMEs, who form the backbone of the Indian economy and contribute heavily to the country’s GDP. During the pandemic, as larger businesses were rapidly getting accustomed to the increasingly digital operations, MSMEs struggled with technological integrations and some, to even keep themselves afloat as the economy moved to digital platforms and offerings. Digitization has become a necessity for all businesses, more than before now, including MSMEs, as customers will continue to expect digital offerings.

I believe it is crucial for MSMEs to adopt services that will help them automate their customer and stakeholder communications. It is imperative for small and medium businesses to adopt intelligent omni-channel communication platforms to ensure business continuity. Communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) providers will enable MSMEs to provide prompt and relevant responses to their customers, fostering long lasting relationships and leading to their overall growth. This is furthered when CPaaS is powered by new age technologies such as artificial intelligence. 

MSMEs also often lack manpower, and customized digital stakeholder communication solutions will allow them to focus on the core activities of their business. Digitalization of stakeholder engagement will also expand the reach of MSMEs to more than just their localities, bringing in revenue from across the country. Technology can be a great equalizer and can bring MSMEs, mostly operating in semi-urban and rural areas, at par with the big businesses, resulting in sustainable inclusive growth.”


2021, June 22