KENT Homecam WiFi PT - Latest Camera For Your Home Security And Surveillance - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

KENT Homecam WiFi PT - Latest Camera For Your Home Security And Surveillance

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Products Briefs : 


KENT HomeCam Wi-Fi PT is the brand's second security device and is largely a home surveillance camera for consumers looking for an affordable security solution for home.




Researched, designed and developed in India, this KENT HomeCam Wi-Fi PT is being manufactured also in the country. This new launch is an extension of the artificial intelligence product portfolio which the company introduced with Kent CamEye & Kent CamAttendance. 




KENT HomeCam Wi-Fi PT packs artificial intelligence (AI) powered detection engine- motion tracking, motion detection, human detection with 360º panoramic vision with pan & tilt. Other features include night vision with IR LEDs, 2-way audio, cloud recording, privacy mode, multiple mounting options, continuous HD video recording, offline mode, intruder alarm, intuitive apps and much more.







The Key features of the KENT HomeCam Wi-Fi PT are:


360º Panoramic Vision with Pan & Tilt


KENT HomeCam Wi-Fi PT covers a wide horizontal and vertical area, ensuring there are no blind spots. It can pan or tilt using a Smartphone app and record videos in FHD (1080p) resolution.



Night vision with IR LEDs


The HomeCam watches over your home even during the night. The advanced IR sensor automatically activates on sensing low-light conditions and ensures high-quality continuous video recording at all times, providing 24*7 security to your home.



Up to 128 GB micro-SD Card Supported


What distinguishes it from the other competitor products is that the memory can be extended to 128 GB.This ensures approximately 14 days of video recordings at a resolution of 1080p (FHD) as in most of the competitor cameras in the segment it is up to 64 GB; also, it works without internet. Internet is required only at the time of on boarding, post this the device can function without internet with a memory card.  Additionally, one device can be shared with multiple users, i.e., multiple users can access the device via app (up to 3). And its 1.5 GHz CPU is better than any other product in the segment.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered detection & tracking engine


The camera detects the slightest of motion in your home premises and sends an instant notification to your Smartphone through the KENT CamEye app. This helps in keeping you well-informed about all the happenings inside your home no matter where you are.




On detecting motion, the camera not only sends the user an alert but also follows the moving object and keeps on recording the movement until it reaches its maximum field of view. Allows you to keep a watch on children & pets remotely and prevents strangers from entering the house.




It also enables person detection. This is an advanced capability that can be enabled to only detect human bodies. It allows you to let your pets roam freely around the house. Ideal for times when you are not expecting any visitor and don’t want unnecessary disturbances.



Cloud Recording

Record videos on the cloud and access them from anywhere up to 30 days. Highly secure way of Recording and storing videos, which can’t be tampered with secure cloud storage, is available with easy subscription plans.



Offline Mode Recording:

Camera only needs the internet at the time of setting-up the camera. It continues to record in SD Card even if there is no internet connectivity and pushes the recordings to cloud when internet connectivity resumes.



Privacy Mode

A smart way to send your camera into hibernation during pre-defined times. You can use the HomeCam app to configure Privacy Mode settings. It is the ideal way to enjoy a day off at home without any disturbances.



The device is a Made in India product with data and servers hosted in India. It is priced at INR 4,990/- which includes a simple DIY installation and one-year warranty. KENT HomeCam Wi-Fi PT can be purchased directly from the company or can be bought online from