How To Earn Money On Earnly Platform? - GADGET-INNOVATIONS


Step-by-step guide to earning real cash on the deal-sharing platform

GoPaisa, Best Cashback and Coupons Website in India recently launched a deal-sharing platform, Earnly. The platform aims at providing users with the opportunity to earn extra income and pocket real cash worth up to INR 30,000 per month.



To begin earning through Earnly one just needs to follow the following basic steps.

Step 1: User needs to register on the Earnly Platform using Phone number or Email Id

Step 2: The users needs to add traffic sources that are basically social platforms which

he or she would be using to promote deals. 

Step 3: User may now Select the Retailer he wants to share with his circle/network and promote.

Step 4: To promote the retailer’s deals user may simply copy link of any deal from the website of the brands listed on Earnly and paste deal into the   “Create Income Link” option on Earnly website.

Step 5: User will get  Earnly link with their  ID.

Step 6: Any purchase made through this link will provide commission to the user.

- Every Brand store provides different commission rates that may be checked on Earnly website

The platform is enabling extra income for people of all ages through a simple online platform.

With the launch of Earnly, the brand has unveiled a new facet of affiliate marketing and is

targeting addition of around 750 new influencers on a daily basis.




New Delhi, 04 July 2021