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Want To Use WhatsApp To Grow Your Business? Here Are 5 Companies That Can Help You

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Today we all know that WhatsApp dominates the whole messaging world. It is the largest application for connecting with people and promoting your products and services. That is why the majority of businesses use WhatsApp as a communication tool. It’s a painless and straightforward approach for contacting millions of customers with just one click. This is where WhatsApp Business API comes into play. This software allows you to enable communications with both existing and new consumers effortlessly.


You can send appointment reminders, shipping alerts, order notifications, product demonstration videos, verification codes, boarding passes, and 2-way customer surveys and support messages that would remain secured by the platform’s end-to-end encryption. 



According to a recent survey, WhatsApp has about 2 billion active users worldwide. Another report stated that 56 percent of customers would instead message a company than call customer support. WhatsApp messaging is being increasingly used by businesses around the world to reduce communication redundancies. Irrespective of the industry your business operates in, WhatsApp Business API is used everywhere.  Here are five companies that can help you grow your business:


Haptik is a Conversational AI company that obsesses over enhancing the Customer Experience for mid to large-scale enterprises worldwide. With a strong presence in India, the USA, and APAC, Haptik counts Jio, TATA, HDFC, Dream11, MyGov, Starhub, and many more notable brands as its customers. The platform has processed 4B+ conversations and is a recipient of 15 G2 badges. Haptik also powers close to 50% of all WhatsApp Business interactions in India (by volume). Haptik’s 360° suite of products fits within your existing ecosystem with out-of-the-box contact center and CRM integrations, providing end-to-end conversational solutions. 





WhatsHash is a WhatsApp business web app with robust CRM features that allow users to semi-automate their company processes. Users may create customer profiles, provide personalized services, respond quickly, save media and messages, run surveys, develop their business page, and build e-commerce sites with relative ease while using the software. Users can also run various campaigns and contests to help promote their business by increasing client engagement. Users must have a WhatsApp business account to link with the software to generate potential leads and respond to client questions. WhatsHash allows its users to take full advantage of WhatsApp Business features and start conversations quickly and easily.





Financial institutions, e-commerce players, over-the-tops (OTTs), software firms, logistic enablers, healthcare providers, merchants, and other organizations use Kaleyra Inc’s mobile communication services. To name a few, Hook Mobile, mGage, and Bandyer are among the company’s subsidiaries. It manages multi-channel integrated communication services globally via its platform and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), including messaging, rich messaging, instant messaging, push notifications, e-mail, voice services, video capabilities, and chatbots. With over 1600 operator connections in over 190 countries, Kaleyra’s technology allows it to manage many communications monthly. The company has a customer base of over 3800 enterprises all around the world.




Gupshup IP Messaging

The Gupshup API makes it easier for you to interact with your consumers. It’s a conversational messaging platform that transforms standard message procedures into engaging conversations. Both small and large enterprises use Gupshup to create conversational experiences across marketing, sales, and support. It offers a single messaging API for more than 30 channels. It employs AI, machine learning, and analytics to analyze and process human language inputs and respond to customers, ensuring a smooth flow of communication.





Yellow AI can assist you in setting up your own WhatsApp Business account to provide a multichannel experience to your consumers. This WhatsApp chatbot can help you deflect up to 65 percent of queries and save up to 30% operational costs. Your clients may use WhatsApp to make payments and select from a variety of pre-built payment options. It also suggests clients who may be interested in comparable products, thereby increasing revenue. With its built-in AI-powered campaign manager, it also aids in generating novel business leads.