Rocking Deals Introduces State Of The Art L4 Service Center To Refurbish About 1 Million Units Each Month - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

Rocking Deals Introduces State Of The Art L4 Service Center To Refurbish About 1 Million Units Each Month

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  • The certified refurbished pioneer aims to cater to the growing number of customers with expansion in the excess inventory, open box, and reverse logistics sector






Rocking Deals, the world’s largest excess inventory and open box brand, is launching a L4 service center at Faridabad's urban estate to cater to the growing number of customers turning to refurbished goods. The facility is planned to refurbish about 1 million units each month, with the requirement to cater to the rising number of goods ranging from mobile phones, laptops, small and large household appliances. Aside from refurbishing, about 1,50,000 devices will be repaired, with a quality testing mechanism in place to assure the highest standards of value for money. 





With a strong expansion plan to grow its footprint within the reverse logistics, excess inventory, and unboxed sector; certified refurbished leader, Rocking Deals has committed to increasing its servicing capacity and has backed this up with an investment of about Rs 8 crores. The factory will cover over 1000 square yards in size and has a well-architected design that includes a basement, ground level, and two more floors for the service build-up area. By utilizing its certified servicing USP of an experienced L4 support center, the new plant is designed to respond to technological and operational issues. It will leverage the accomplished pre-defined SOP system that is successful at other plants.





This facility will be another step in building a larger presence for the country's largest certified refurbished and excess inventory service, which will provide merchants and businesses incredible savings on products. The L4 service center will have a team of highly experienced service engineers, hardware designers, and technicians. These experts will handle quality checks, refurbishing, and managing warehousing as part of the excess inventory model. 





Rocking Deals caters to a burgeoning list of categories that include electronics such as speakers, mobile accessories, computer accessories; home appliances that range from kitchen to other large home appliances like coolers and heaters. It also provides incredible offers on cosmetic items and sports gear. With a vision to empower individuals for building stronger businesses, Rocking Deals offers world-class verification on certified products at highly attractive prices.


India, 7th Oct 2021