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Father's Day Gifts for New-Age Dads by R For Rabbit

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Finding the ideal gift for a new or first-time father doesn't always appear easy. But, of course, they'll need everything if this is their first foray into fatherhood, right? So, when shopping for a new parent, look for something that seems both joyous and practical. 


Taking your keys and phone and stepping out the door will be a thing of the past if you have a baby. Today new-age fathers are taking on the responsibility of caring for their new-borns. This Father’s Day, R for Rabbit offers baby care gifts to help new-age dads stay organised and relaxed, including unisex diaper bags, baby carriers and strollers.


Perfect gift for new dads preparing them to stay equipped to carry  baby care essentials on the  stroller with their infants along anywhere with ease.

Caramello Diaper Bag

R for Rabbit comes up with Caramello, The Smart and Fashionable Diaper Bag for Dads. It offers Luxury with comfort and Style. Caramello Diaper Bags are best suitable for Modern age dads. It's trendy and can be used as a regular backpack. Due to its spacious capacity, it can store a 15-inch laptop and carry all the baby must-haves, including baby diapers, baby wipes, baby feeding bottles, baby sippers, teethers, and baby grooming kit, amongst others.

Chocolate Ride Stroller

Strollers are a prime need for parents after a baby's birth. A good quality stroller can make your evening walks more effortless and pleasant with your baby. R for Rabbit brings Chocolate Ride -the first Designer Stroller, which is safe, excellent quality, and with all the needs parents have for their baby. Gift the new- age dad, quality strollers which is equipped with sturdiness, lightweight, portable and safe. The best feature of this product includes it designed withlarge wheels and locking system a vital features ensuring your babies safety. Available in different colours, the R for Rabbit Stroller is easy to recline and fold.. It also has a rear-wheel brake. From Safety certification to an excellent suspension system and easy fold, it has everything that is needed by parents and makes it the best choice for Baby and Parents. Additionally, the product is designed with a reversible handle, giving the stroller a modern peek.

Chubby Cheeks New Baby Carrier

Moving, travelling, shopping, or visiting a nearby store can be a hassle for all new-age fathers. A sturdy and comfy baby carrier is a must-buy for all dads to ease this issue. Designed with ergonomics, safety, and fashion in mind, R for Rabbit Chubby Cheeks is a durable everyday carrier that provides an easy-to-carry, adjustable baby carrier for easy travelling and day-to-day activities. Baby Carrier enables parents to bond with their baby while out. Simple, intuitive design makes it easy to put on and secure your baby and provides freedom of hand during mobility for infants. The baby carrier is designed with high-quality material, embedded with a safety belt buckle and wide lumbar strap. In addition, this carrier has a perfect design for free movement of the baby and easy mobility for parents, keeping safety and sturdiness at the core.