itel ICON 3 - Big AmoLED Display Smartwatch Is Ready To Be Announced Soon - GADGET-INNOVATIONS

itel ICON 3 - Big AmoLED Display Smartwatch Is Ready To Be Announced Soon

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itel ICON 3 Smartwatch is tipped to launch soon with a Best-in-Segment Big AMOLED Display and Single Chip Bluetooth calling

Sources suggest that itel, following the success of Icon 2, is gearing up to introduce the Icon 3 smartwatch in the Indian market. Reports hint that the upcoming smartwatch boasts a best-in-segment 2.01-inch AMOLED display with smaller bezels and Single Chip Bluetooth calling for enhanced connectivity and stunning visuals in your daily life.


• A crisp and clear display has become of high importance for modern users when they are on the go, be it for work or their outdoor adventures, and an AMOLED display is designed to be a solution to that very need. Along with the clear display, the smartwatch is tipped to carry a single-chip Bluetooth calling for quick and seamless connectivity at all times.


• itel, after its successful launch of Icon 2 last month, continues to reinforce its commitment to value-plus proposition and best in Segment features underscoring a strategic approach to empower the masses with access to advanced features with the launch of the successor the Icon 3.




The Icon 3 Smartwatch represents a notable leap forward in wearable technology, offering users a remarkable fusion of style, functionality, and innovation, positioning them as trendsetters of the future. itel has garnered widespread acclaim in India with its innovative smart gadgets, and now, the brand is primed to sustain its trailblazing path in the smart gadgets arena with further groundbreaking releases.